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Increasing Our Chances of Getting Selected

Highlighting our unique talents and skills to get hired is not only about catching the attention of hiring managers, it’s also about bypassing software bots. Therefore, before we even discuss formats, templates and examples, we need to begin with writing a custom resume for each job using the exact verbiage present in the job description including key words. Those keywords should be used in the cover letter too, as that correspondence may be screened as well. Keep your resume under two pages. Bots are often programmed to favor shorted resumes.

Research the industry and search recent resumes of upper management. There would be your successful examples of slipping past screening bots.

Once, we have navigated through the maze of pre-selection, we must make a memorable expression, not just by using proper grammar, consistent font, serious style, and traditional format, but by also drawing the eye to important details and quantified successes. What that means is that you must back your claimed with facts and figures. Increased revenue by how much, how many strategic accounts did you bring, and in what period of time? What was the expectation, and how did that compare to the performance of your peers? Do you have any performance appraisals you can submit?

Take a look at stellar resume samples and templates. Select a style that best highlights your strengths and achievements. Use a resume profile or a summary tailored to match the job description. Be specific. If you have been in the working force for a while, a chronological resume may not be your best bet, as your most important and relevant experience should be placed first.

Include easy to read and thorough contact information. Do not skip your full name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and email address. LinkedIn profile or professional website details do make a difference, so  include those links as well.

Last but not least, show your potential employers that you can follow instructions but adhering to their specif requests. Do they want it in an email message, as a Word document or a PDF. Not paying attention to these details will take you out of the running right away. Give yourself every advantage possible.

What Kind of Jobs Should We Consider

The glorious path of least resistance, when it comes to being hired in our industry , follows the yellow brick road of sales. Corporate wellness, wearables, medical technology, and equipment provide the greatest and most economically viable opportunity for financial success. Although most of our graduates, who seek opportunities outside of self-employment, are best positioned to enter this lucrative arena, begin with your special talent first. Do you want to be an artist, a writer, a sound therapist? Do you have additional training, education, experience, connections, samples? Seek partnerships, network and expand your horizons outside of the box. Be active in your community and reach out to professionals you want to align yourself with. Don’t just browse wellness jobs as these will most likely bring you to gyms, spas and salons that require no or little education. Take a look at sales resume samples and adjust them to fit your unique qualifications. Target large corporations that specialize in wellness equipment, lab work, wearable devices, supplements, healthcare careers, and medical news.