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Setting up your business begins with market research that would help you gather information about potential clients, need, demographics, psychographics and competition in the area you intend to service. That information will become the backbone of your business plan — the guide of how to structure, run and grow your business.

The legal structure you choose will impact registration requirements, taxes, and personal liability.

You’ll need a tax identification number (EIN) and a bank account that will help you with your accounting and taxation. needs. and paying taxes. Research what kind of licenses and permits you need. Keep on mind that they will vary by industry, state, town, and other factors.

Hire an accountant and an attorney to go over your legal paperwork.


Sample of an Office Policy Document (Informed Consent and Waiver of Liability)


*Please adjust to fit your area of expertise in accordance with state regulations. Consult an attorney.

Natural medicine is about optimal health and addressing root causes rather than treating symptoms. It does not substitute medical advice or your PCP. Moreover, all you do should be approved by your PCP. This includes taking supplements, changing your diet, and using holistic services (electrotherapy, ultrasound, phototherapy, phytotherapy, and more). You are encouraged to ask questions and are expected to see all videos and films. Familiarize yourself with articles, papers and books on the subjects provided.

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