How Earning A Ph.D. Has Helped Erika Mateus Build Her Business

After graduating from Quantum University, Erika Mateus wasted no time sharing her new skills with others. Thanks to her education, she can continue pursuing her lifelong dream of building a successful business while helping others achieve a new level of life and consciousness.

Scale Your Business with Exponential Healthcare

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If your goal is to scale your business, we’ve got you covered. Exponential Healthcare is the perfect platform to expand your offerings and experiment with new service delivery and billing formats.

Quantum Coherence: The Path to Rejuvenation & Regeneration

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Quantum Coherence is a concept that will revolutionize the way we look at health potential and disease prevention. When the state of coherence is lost for any reason, the biological system can enter into a positive entropy state, losing its organization and balance, which enables the appearance of diseases and symptoms in the physical body.

Build an International Healthcare Career – Part II

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One of the most significant decisions that a medical or natural medicine doctor will make after graduation is to choose the location of their practice. This decision will have an undeniable impact on the focus of your practice and on future socio-economic implications for the entire family.

The Future of Medicine: Exponential Healthcare

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Exponential Healthcare is an opportunity for practitioners to set up their practice in the fastest-growing field of medicine today, tele-health virtual care. We need to return autonomy to clients by teaching, training, and coaching them for optimal health using the unparalleled resources of digital health technology.

Build an International Healthcare Career – Part 1

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A healthcare system based on Health Potential, not disease, has no frontiers. Exponential Healthcare is the new way forward in which virtual medicine can redefine the practice of medicine without borders.

Healing within Consciousness

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Since the beginning of Quantum University, I have received many testimonials of such healing phenomena. The credit for these experiences belongs entirely to these courageous students who have opened themselves to the possibilities of healing within consciousness. Quantum University has been the only path that opened access to this source of healing, which I call Pro-Consciousness Medicine.