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Quantum University has developed a comprehensive functional medicine program designed to give students and alumni the skills they need to work with any client, no matter their symptoms or diagnosis. The program leverages the power of nutrition, NLP, medical hypnosis, light therapy, electrotherapy, bio-energetic dynamism and vibrational medicine to help clients achieve optimal health. Please note that we are here to support your unique scope of practice, not to dictate flow or modality implementation.

This material focuses on what may happen once the client is in your office, and not on the legal or corporate aspects of starting a business.

1. Liability forms, signatures and clear understanding that we do not substitute a medical doctor’s opinion. All of our work is complementary (in addition to, not instead of) and we do not treat, prevent or diagnose conditions or diseases. Our clients need to understand that we do not provide alternative services; only those that can complement or add to one’s care from a root cause perspective, hence the term “functional.”

2. Extensive client questionnaire. All aspects of one’s environment, history, genetics, conditioning, and mental state needs to be considered.

3. Addressing deficiencies, focusing on vitamins, essential minerals and amino acids. Explain the concept of buffering agents. To determine the depth and scope of these deficiencies, use urine, hair follicle, blood or quantum biofeedback in compliance with state regulations. Integrate testing to be done by client’s physician.

4. Work on detoxing the body. Begin with the GI tract, move to the liver, kidneys, and then heavy metals. Use a reputable protocol that includes re-mineralization. Always use proper warnings and disclaimers, and recommend physician (MD) supervision. Emphasis on real food rather than synthetic supplement.

5. Schedule a follow-up appointment to go over tests. Create a comprehensive handout to accompany the results. Send recommendations via Wellevate, Fullscript or whatever dispensary you may be using.

6. Suggest a follow-up session regimen that may include biofeedback, aroma/light/electro or PEMF therapy in accordance with state laws. Recommend physician-supported monitoring and testing guidelines.

7. Each engagement must be sealed with a contract. This step is extremely important, as your clients will not see immediate results and most likely, not honor their agreements. The lack of contact will also make you look unprofessional and it will ensure poor results, as the clients drop off. Remember, our reputation is everything. That is why this step is a must.