A paramount purpose of the Quantum University Alumni Services division is to maintain and support a lifelong relationship between alumni and the University. As a dynamic organization that is recognized for leveraging talents, initiatives and advice, our mission is to offer valuable resources and programs that foster quantum medicine, build camaraderie among students and alumni, and perpetuate a passion for a continual, meaningful involvement with the University.


Vision and Goals

  • To be responsive to the needs of alumni relative to their careers, desire for engagement, networking, and willingness to provide support.
  • To develop materials, training, and resources that broaden business opportunities, attract alumni participation and encourage prospective student enrollment.
  • To advocate alumni support of holistic education by state and federal officials.
  • To liase with elected and appointed officials, associations, and regulators whenever appropriate.
  • To provide a wide range of outsourced services that meet the diverse professional needs of the alumni.
  • To share best practices and to recognize alumni, faculty and students for their achievements and professional excellence.
  • To continuously assess the effectiveness of each strategic initiative in order to better understand and serve Quantum University’s diverse international community.​​​​